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What Is The Difference Between A Beam Light And A Moving Head Lamp? Oct 25, 2017

What is the difference between talking light and moving light? First beam light mainly to the effect of light-based, and the computer moving head light is only playing the effect of the main, but in the small field of the main look at the layout of the venue if the budget more than I suggest you can use the beam light is better if any questions can consult the Puland stage lighting professionals.


First, the beam light to focus on the light beam, a root light beam is the pursuit of light beam; moving head light, in fact, should be said that the discharge lamp pattern lights, focusing on the beam is the final result of the spot and pattern. The purpose of the two lamps is different, so the application of the occasion has undergone significant changes.


Two, two kinds of light source is different, the application of different occasions. The beam lamp is a metal halide lamp, the pattern lamp is a discharge bulb. Beam lamp used metal halide lamp because the beam angle is very small, the luminous efficiency is higher, so even if the power is not very high, can also get a very bright light beam, pattern lamp because the irradiation is cone light, so the area Much larger than the beam light. Assuming that a pattern lamp can illuminate an adult, then a beam light can not illuminate a child. So the beam lights more occasions to be used in explosive scenes, such as the opening show and the song when the close-up dance, with strobe, make a passionate visual impact effect. And the pattern lights are more to show the art of soft and intellectual, in the sound of slow dance enjoy the aftertaste, through different colors and patterns with the formation of soft and beautiful scenes, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Three, two kinds of light due to the difference in light efficiency, the actual use of the distance there is a big difference, the beam light recommended to use the distance to 12 meters away, and the use of pattern lights 5 meters on it. Beam lights in close proximity when the time, it is easy to form a dizzy feeling, the light is too bright. And the discharge lamp pattern lights will not have this feeling. So imagine that if a height of only three to five meters of the bar, the guests on the top of the beam lights like a searchlight dangling, the guests dizzy, a few people can accept it? The And in this case the choice of pattern lights is a wise choice, you can appear beam and pattern, the formation of a good atmosphere, nor will the guests uncomfortable, to bring them discomfort. On the contrary in the high studio, the pattern light wide beam angle so that the light beam is very dark, and can not achieve the effect of light, and this occasion will choose the beam light. So the choice of beam lights and pattern lights should also be based on the actual use of the distance and the effect of choice, or counterproductive, the effect is not good.


So we recommend that users use most of the occasion and purpose of the single, do not blindly follow the trend, with a lot of money is not yet effective, or even reaction, it is not good.