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What Is A Landmark Laser Light? Apr 12, 2018

Laser landmarks overview:

The laser landmark scanning system integrates laser application technology, computer image processing technology and super-high-speed galvanometer control technology. It transforms pure, dazzling green lasers into dynamic lines, surfaces, rotating bodies and arbitrary edited graphics over the city. Text. Silent, such as Dinghaishenzhen; moving, then Ambilight, strong visual effects, shock, with the king's demeanor, is the crowning landmark of urban landmarks, famous scenic spots, but also advertising, large-scale stage party and city lighting project The symbol of high grade. At the top of high-rise buildings in cities, high-power solid-state lasers are used for full-scale scanning. A unique night view of the laser can be seen several kilometers away. The laser system continuously probes into the night sky with a dazzling array of green laser beams. It can be used in direct sunlight, rotating radiation, and changing the direction of the beam in a rhythmic manner, making the building a dazzling landmark in the city and a unique urban night scene.


        Laser landmarks are classified into two types: "projection laser landmarks" and "performance laser landmarks" according to their work characteristics. The system is installed on the top of the building. The projectile laser landmark: The laser beam is projected by an optical transmitter over a long distance. Its characteristic is that in a fine weather, the laser beam can be seen beyond a radius of 6 to 12 kilometers, which has a very large range of influence. And the laser's pure color, beam scanning process solemn, there is a "list of small hills," the king's style. Performing laser landmarks: The laser beam is emitted by a high-speed mechanical scanner, which can expand a single beam into multiple beams. Under the control of the computer optical system, a variety of output methods can be formed to realize the multi-beam tumbling and changing. Synchronized with music, you can write simple text and graphics on the facade of the building or even on the clouds, which will have the effect of advertising. It is highly entertaining. With the maturing of laser technology, laser landmarks have greatly improved reliability, serviceability, and power consumption.

        The laser landmark is a laser device used outdoors. It is very important for the protection system of the laser device. It must withstand an environment of at least -40 degrees to 50 degrees, and the protection level must reach at least IP65. The laser system should have a perfect self-protection system. Temperature and moderation should be controlled within the range of use of the laser so that laser landmarks can be used in an outdoor environment around the clock. Laser landmarks are generally installed on the top of a building and can achieve 0 to N degrees of rotating performance. At the same time, in the square or in the open landscape area, pole-type installation can be achieved, and the lights can be dissolved in the landscape, giving the entire lighting landscape a finishing touch.


The core components of laser landmarks are high-power lasers. Currently, the more mature lasers used in China are mostly new industrial lasers in Changchun. With the advantages of strong directionality, monochromaticity, and strong coherence, Shenzhen Yaqijun laser landmarks have applied the above characteristics to add more dazzling colors for more landscape lighting.

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