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What Design Element Should Be Considered By Us For LED Floodlights? Jan 11, 2018

LED outdoor floodlights, there are: 108, 72, 48 outdoor waterproof floodlights, mainly used in buildings, outdoor landscape lighting staining, the overall design in consideration of the following points are the first to confirm:


First: the direction of viewing


Buildings may be seen from different directions and perspectives. However, before designing a design, we must first decide on a particular direction as the main direction of viewing.


Second: distance


Most people may watch the distance. The distance will affect people's perception of facade appearance clarity, while affecting the level of illumination decisions.


Third: the surrounding environment and background


The brightness of the surrounding environment and the background will affect the subject's required illumination. If the perimeter is dark, you need a little light to illuminate the subject; if the perimeter is bright, then the light needs to be strengthened to be able to highlight the subject.


Architectural landscape LED lighting design, can be broadly divided into the following steps:


Fourth: determine the desired lighting effects


Due to their different appearances, buildings may produce different lighting effects, or more uniform, or strong changes in brightness and darkness. They may also be relatively flat or lively, depending on the properties of the building itself To decide.


Fifth: Choose a suitable light source


Select the light source should consider the light color, color, efficiency, life and other factors. Light color and the color of the external walls of the building have the same relationship, in general, bricks, brown stone is more suitable for the use of warm light to illuminate, the use of high-pressure sodium lamp or halogen light source.


Sixth: determine the required illumination


The required illumination mainly depends on the brightness and darkness of the surrounding environment and the color depth of the material of the exterior wall of the building. The recommended illumination value is for the main facade. In general, the illumination of the secondary façade is half that of the main façade, and the three-dimensional sense of the building can be expressed by the difference in light and darkness between the two surfaces.