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Troubleshooting Techniques Of Fog Machine Sep 11, 2017

     Because of the lack of maintenance knowledge, many farmers have a great impact on the timely control of crop pests and diseases. This paper introduces the troubleshooting methods of common trouble of two-stroke Gasoline mist machine: The speed is not high and easy to extinguish. Fog Machine

    This fault is caused by serious carbon deposition in the cylinder of gasoline engine. Elimination method: Decomposition of the engine, the cylinder head plane, the top of the piston into the kerosene soaked in 1Oh or so, with bamboo wood to scrape the carbon. Do not use metal utensils to scrape the charcoal to prevent injury and parts. The oil needle is adjusted after loading to reduce the concentration of the mixed gas.Fog Machine

    The method is to move the oil needle on the flat card spring up 1-2 lattice, the start of the engine to check, with a piece of white paper on the exhaust port, see the white Paper has no spray oil mark. If so, the flat card spring on the oil needle will continue to move up until the oil needle is adjusted to the vent just before the oil mist is sprayed.

The engine is hard to start. Fog Machine

    In the normal situation of the oil circuit, there are generally two reasons for this failure: one is to connect the spark plug of the high-voltage wire has a short-circuit phenomenon, generally in the spark plug at one end of a serious leakage, as long as the leakage part or replace a new high-voltage wire, fault can be excluded; Can be used to measure the electric Spark plug center electrode and side electrode insulation resistance, normal resistance for infinity, that is hands, if hands swing, indicating that the spark plug leakage, hands swing larger, the more serious leakage, should replace the new spark plug.Fog Machine

    Immediately after the start off, there are two possible faults, one is the fuel tank switch or the tubing has debris, but the end of the circuit is completely blocked, just start, the tank float room oil surface height is normal, can supply oil.Fog Machine

     When the engine fire, the oil circuit to less than the carburetor fuel supply, the float room, the fuel surface drops, when reduced to the cylinder can not supply oil position, the generator will extinguish itself. Just clear the oil circuit sundries, to dredge can; second, the ignition circuit is not working well, when the spark plug is normal, the most for the high-voltage line or ignition coil secondary insulation layer caused by poor insulation. This fault should be replaced by a high-tension wire or ignition line.Fog Machine

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