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Three Different Kinds Of Bubble Machine Jul 18, 2017

                 Plastic crusher is the use of waste plastics, rubber products for plastic recycling granulation of one of the necessary equipment, it can be a variety of plastic (woven bags, agricultural film, handbags, rubber, sponge, etc.) products into small pieces, and at the same time in the crush to remove the dust, impurities, so as to get clean and clean plastic items, so that plastic recycling machinery can work smoothly.Bubble Machine

                Foam crusher is the use of waste foam products for recycling granulation of one of the necessary equipment, it can put the PC, PE foaming plastic, such as: Foam Snack box, cake box, foam box material, insulation materials and foam materials, the omentum white pollution waste and other waste plastic products smashed into small pieces, and in the crushing at the same time, smashing good foam particles blown into the foam recycling machine for recycling granulation.Bubble Machine

                Horizontal plastic foam Molding machine is mainly composed of fixed seat, support, guide pillar and feed device. The structure is characterized in that the connecting part of the fixed seat and the static die body is provided with a pass hole, as a result, the direction of the inlet of the die body can not only process the smaller size or ultra-thin, profiled plastic foam components, but also make full use of the spare parts of the mould center to add the mould cavity, and improve the quantity of the mould processing component. This kind of horizontal plastic forming machine eliminates the tearing phenomenon of the component during demoulding because of changing the demoulding direction of the component, which makes the production rate of the component increase remarkably.Bubble Machine