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The Type And Attention Factor Of The Stage Lighting Design At The Party Apr 16, 2018

The stage of the party generally requires more space, especially the height should not be too low, the performance stage is relatively independent and complete, and some even have a complex activity stage and rotating stage.



        Evening performances are all-inclusive. Dramas, sketches, dances, solos, and concerts are all available. Different types of programs, even different moods of music, songs require different lighting effects atmosphere to express, this gives light control, lighting design considerations.

     (1) Basic Light - In order to allow the audience to see the stage clearly, see the performance clearly. The first step is to give the entire stage a basic lighting. This basic lighting includes uniform white light and shade lighting. The basic white lighting is a must, but the illumination is not very demanding, especially in some occasions where there is a lot of appreciation, or when the climax of some performances, or some special performances (such as magic), the basic white light is particularly important. The basic shade is the atmosphere of the entire stage. Determined the tone of the entire lighting effect, or passionate, romantic or warm, or the root table melancholy. In the selection of lamps, the light placed on the stage in front of the stage should be spotlighted. The colored light should be obtained by adding color filters. The color should not be too deep. On the top of the stage performance and behind the stage (backlight), spotlights are generally used. Beam lighting can be used, the direction of light from the back cast in the reward body, the brightness can be brighter, the color can also be used more concentrated.

   (2) Character Light - Group performances and large area lighting are solved by basic white light. The lighting of the local lighting and the lighting of the host are solved by the follow light. Therefore, it is best to use 2 to 3 spotlights for different occasions. Teams or other fixed performers can use spotlights to spot light.

   (3) Backlight - The background of the dance hall will change with the performer, and each change will be due to the beauty or the needs of the program. The background light is to highlight these background objects appropriately, so that they can be integrated into the performances to highlight the theme. Common background lights include skylights, floor lights, and beam lights.


        (4) Basic effect light - composed of directional beam luminaires, with a three-dimensional space modeling aesthetics, colorful changes, the shape can be freely combined and changed by the stage lighting division.

        (5) Special Effect Lights - Computer lights are the best special effects lamps due to their superior performance and ever-changing effects. However, the price of computer lights is relatively high, so it must be given under the premise of ensuring basic light and basic effects. At the same time, due to the use of computer lights, the number of basic effect lights can be relatively reduced. Each lamp mechanical lighting, due to its relatively simple and fixed function, it can be equipped with fewer.


       (6) Lighting console - All the above lights need to control their brightness. SCR equipment is generally used for control. When selecting the lighting console, it is better to use console type products with strong effect function, multiple control loops and convenient operation. Economic permission, it is best to use a computer console.