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The Role Of Laser Light Jul 18, 2017

                  Laser Rapid prototyping: The material used in the laser manufacturing model is a liquid photosensitive resin which, after absorbing the laser energy of the ultraviolet band, solidifies and changes into a solid material. Put the model that you want to make into a program and enter it into the computer. The laser beam is controlled by the computer to control the optical path system, so that it is scanned on the model material, and in the laser beam, the original liquid material is solidified. The laser beam is finished in the computer's command, and the photosensitive polymeric material is cured by layers. The precise accumulation of the sample, the model. So, using this method to make the model, the speed is fast, the model is exquisite. The technology has been widely used in aerospace, electronics, automobiles and other industries.Laser Light

                  Laser cutting: Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, can greatly reduce processing time, reduce processing costs, improve workpiece quality. Pulsed lasers are suitable for metallic materials, and CW lasers are suitable for non-metallic materials, and the latter is an important application field of laser cutting technology. However, the application of laser in the industrial field is limited and shortcomings, such as the use of laser to cut food and plywood is not successful, the food was cut at the same time is also burned, and cutting plywood in the economy is far from the calculation.Laser Light

                  Laser welding: Laser beam irradiation on the material, it will be heated to melt, so that the docking of the components together, that is, welding. Laser welding, with less power than cutting metal laser beam, the material is melted without gasification, and becomes a continuous solid structure after cooling. The laser welding technology has the effect of dissolving pond purification, can purify weld metal, and is suitable for welding between the same and different metal materials. Because of high laser energy density, high melting point, high reflectance, Metal welding with a large difference in conductivity rate and physical properties is particularly advantageous. Because laser welding is not required for any solder, so the welding component is excluded from the possibility of contamination; Second, the laser beam can be made into a very fine beam of light in the optical system, in other words, the laser can be used as a very fine "torch" to do precision welding work; and laser welding and components will not directly contact, this is non-contact welding, so the material texture is also not matter, can also be far away from our side of the components for welding, can also be placed in the vacuum chamber of the components welded. Because of these characteristics, laser welding is particularly popular in the microelectronics industry.Laser Light