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The Related Introduction Of Laser Light Positioning Sensor Sep 20, 2017

     After more than 40 years of development, laser processing technology has become an important part of advanced manufacturing technology. During the cutting process, the distance between the cutting head and the workpiece and the vertical degree of the nozzle and the workpiece surface are two important factors affecting the quality of the cutting. Laser Light

    Therefore, It is very important to study the high and angle automatic adjustment system of laser cutting machine.Laser Light

    This paper summarizes and analyzes the research status of distance detection and verticality detection in laser cutting process, and analyses and studies the design of displacement and angle detection system for lasers.Laser Light

     Firstly, based on the requirements of the sensor and the theoretical requirements of the sensor, the technology of the laser cutting machine is synthetically considered. The analysis model of a special displacement sensor for laser head is established and its parameters are selected, and the object is designed. Laser Light

    And according to the foreign designed laser head Displacement detection sensor and the design of the physical , the theoretical analysis is carried out, the theoretical basis of the theoretical analysis is given, and the detection circuit of the displacement sensor for the laser is analyzed and designed.Laser Light

    The sensitivity and linearity of the sensor are calibrated and analyzed, and a better linear range of working ranges is found, which satisfies the technical requirements of the displacement detection system for lasers. In the end, the method of automatic vertical positioning of laser head is studied theoretically and programmed. The selection method of teaching point for three-dimensional laser machining and the acquirement of the normal vector of the surface slice by the teaching point are proposed.Laser Light