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The Impact Of The Use Of TheBubble Machine Jun 21, 2017

    The washing liquid into the car wash foam machine, and then to the foam of the gangue to join the compressed air, you can use the. Car wash foam machine is the use of compressed air in the machine to produce a certain amount of pressure, through the machine configuration system, the container deployment of a good cleaning solution to spray to spray to the car or object. Car wash foam machine is also called the bubble car machine, the use of air pressure to squeeze the detergent into the bubble jet, to avoid the fine sand damage car paint, to extend the car paint smooth. Applicable to the automotive beauty industry, fleet, bus, train, plane, etc., as well as hotel hotel exterior, glass, floor cleaning.Bubble Machine

    Foam machine use: 1. Open the water valve and exhaust valve, add 70 liters of water, and then add 350 ml of car wash solution. 2. Close the water valve and exhaust valve, close the gun switch, and then use the quick connector connected to the compressed air .3. After the above work is ready, open the compressed air switch, with pressure air up to 3-4bar, open the gun Valve switch, the injection interval can be adjusted with pressure. Concept: Air compressor is a device to compress gas. The air compressor is similar to the pump construction. Most air compressors are reciprocating piston, rotating blades or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.Bubble Machine

Foam machine: foam machine, sometimes called foam car machine, the use of air pressure to squeeze the detergent into a bubble jet, to avoid the fine sand damage car paint, to extend the car paint smooth.Bubble Machine

    Foam is the air bubbles that come into the air or are disturbed. Mechanical vacuum pump normal work, space or automatic foam molding machine vacuum container of the gas will inevitably be pumped inhalation and a lot of discharge from the pump chamber discharge, the discharge of Zhejiang foam mechanical gas to go through the reservoir, then the oil was To the air vibration, will inevitably occur in the oil floating in the oil. In particular, the bubble is very stable and easy to break the disappearance of the oil surface appearance of the bubble will be more and more, and most of the exhaust from the pump exhaust, leading to foam box machine early pump oil overflow and environmental pollution. So it is necessary to improve the foam of oil. In the improvement of foam, due to the impact of additives, often lead to deterioration of air release, air release refers to the oil into the air when the oil within a lot of oxidation and its vacuum characteristics have a certain impact. So the mechanical vacuum pump oil is necessary to have a good anti-foam, as well as excellent air release.Bubble Machine