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The Composition Of The Room Temperature Fog Machine Sep 29, 2017

At room temperature smoke machine, by the Ministry of Agriculture Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization in the introduction of foreign advanced technology on the basis of digestion and absorption through, optimize the design, technological innovation after the successful development of new indoor technology, it is a high pressure air through the special Of the nozzle, the liquid solution into a uniform fine droplets of liquid droplets, and can be used at room temperature pesticide spray equipment.Fog Machine

It is composed of air compressor system, injection system, lifting bracket, electrical box composed of four parts. Among them, the air compressor system, is the air compression of the air, as high-pressure air, to provide power for the injection system; jet system is the implementation of the main task of spraying drugs, the drug sprayed in the form of droplets to the operating area; lift bracket, Responsible for supporting the injection system, its height can be adjusted according to the application of the object. The electrical box is connected with other parts through the slot on the panel socket, and the control of the spraying process is completed by the operation panel. It is the operation part of the smoke machine.Fog Machine

As the air compressor produced by the high-speed air temperature is high, and the pressure is not stable, and the metal tube heat, heat dissipation, high pressure air flow through the longer metal pipeline transmission, most of the heat will be lost, while the pressure becomes Stable, so the frame base will play a role in heat and pressure on the high pressure airflow, through the regulator and cooling of the high pressure air, mainly by the left of the outlet to the jet system. Fog Machine

In order to monitor the pressure of the compressed air in the pipe at any time, there is also an air outlet on the side of the frame, which is connected to the pressure gauge through the conduit. The pressure gauge will accurately show the pressure of the current airflow.Fog Machine