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The Basic Characteristics Of The Laser Light Jun 21, 2017

    The interaction of light and matter, in essence, is the composition of the microscopic particles to absorb or radiate photons, while changing the performance of their own movement. Microscopic particles have a specific set of levels (usually these levels are discrete). At any one time the particle can only be in a state corresponding to a certain level (or simply at a certain level). When interacting with photons, the particles transition from one energy level to another and absorb or radiate the photons accordingly. The energy value of the photon is the energy difference ΔE of the two levels, and the frequency is ν = ΔE / h (h is the Planck constant).Laser Light

    The theoretical basis of the laser originated in the great physicist Einstein, in 1917 Einstein put forward a new set of technical theory 'light and material interaction'. This theory is that in the atoms of the constituent atoms, there are different numbers of particles (electrons) distributed at different energy levels, the particles at the high energy level are excited by a certain photon, jumping from the high energy level to (transition) To the low level, this time will radiate with the light to stimulate its light the same nature of light, and in some state, there can be a weak light to stimulate a strong light phenomenon. This is called "stimulated radiation of light amplification", referred to as laser.Laser Light

    Ordinary light source is shining in all directions. To make the light emitted in one direction, you need to install a light source of a certain condenser device, such as the car's headlamps and searchlights are installed with condenser light mirror, so that radiation collected together in one direction. The lasers emit laser, which is born in one direction. The divergence of the beam is very small, only about 0.001 radians, close to the parallel. In 1962, the first human use of laser irradiation of the moon, the distance of the Earth from the moon about 380,000 km, but the laser light on the surface of the moon less than two kilometers. If the condenser effect is very good, seemingly parallel searchlight light beam to the moon, according to its spot diameter will cover the entire moon. Astronomers believe that aliens are using flashing lasers as an cosmic lighthouse to try to connect with the earth.Laser Light