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Talk About Differences Between Moving Head Light And Beam Light Jun 07, 2016

  Focuses on looking at light, beam lamp, a light beam is the beam of lights pursuit; lighting, actually has to say is the pattern of discharge lamps lamps, is focused on the beam final results of the spot and patterns. Two lights for different purposes, so the application of significant changes have taken place.

  Second, two lamp light source is different, different application occasions. Beam light is a metal halide lamp, pattern lamp discharge lamp. Beam lamps with metal halide lamps because the beam angle is very small, light efficiency usage is more efficient, so even if power is not very high, can also be a very bright light, to Cooper lighting 200W beam, for example, at a distance of 20 meters, luminous flux can be up to 82500 lumens, much higher than the 1200W moving head patterns of discharge lamps luminous flux of the lamp at 10 meters distance! Patterned lamp light is the light cone, therefore shop light area is much larger than the beam light. If a logo lights can light a grown-up, a beam lights not lights up a kid. Beam light more occasions applied to explosive scenes, such as when opening shows and disco dancing featured, with a strobe, make passionate Visual impact. Pattern light show is more gentle intellectual art, enjoy the afterglow in the voice and dance, through different color and pattern matching to form soft flowery scenes, create a warm and romantic atmosphere.