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Standard Hall Stage Light Description Jun 07, 2016

  Any color can be required, Super scan computer light CYM trichromatic color mixing. No loss of light output, high light efficiency, two patented all-glass pattern can be any combination of overlay, combined with the effect and form a multilevel and icing and the actual changes and different artistic effects, automatic dual-focus functionality.

  First, the use of functional and design requirements

Guarantee the holding of large and medium lighting and television broadcast video of the meeting request. Auditorium lighting integrated performances use the functional requirements of the system to meet a variety of needs. >

Design principles:

1. the photo index: starring the biggest white light greater than 1200IX;

1024-channel dimmer light and 1024 channel. Different location provided for stand-by power and through the loop of the dimmer box, 2. dimmer channels: 384-channel Silicon case. Meet the full range of continuous lighting needs;

Each show location at least four cast in the direction of point light, 3. with as much light as possible locations. Light icing. To prevent glare, reflected light and useless spot;

4. indicators are higher than the Ministry of culture of the code for design of theater construction code for electrical design of civil architecture of the relevant norms related to theatre.