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Stage Lighting Technician School: Stage Lighting Control Skills Oct 16, 2017

After the light has been used, the bulb absorbs water molecules in the air during heat and cold, and these water molecules will remain on the glass shell of the bulb. When you suddenly push the light bulb, the glass shell on the water molecules, as if the hot oil pan in the same effect, the light bulb is a matter of course.

Theater lighting design is successful, is the stage lighting treatment is appropriate as a sign. Stage lighting not only to illuminate the actors, so that the audience to see facial expressions, demeanor and action, more importantly, the full use of lighting technology, mobilize lighting operations and other means to strengthen the artistic effect, so that the audience has immersive. Stage lighting installation site, function and lighting configuration Stage lighting according to its use of the function is divided into two kinds: dimmable dimming circuit; non-dimming of the straight loop.

I believe that the concert is also a friend of music lovers, that is, while taking pictures with the body feel the music, it will be easier to enter the state. Of course, no matter what type of shooting need photography foundation, which requires normal practice.

Stage photography is not only interesting but also easy to get started, there are many large and small venues, are interested, then buy tickets to listen to music but also practice stage photography.

The use of computer lights and console to the city of financial resources, limited funds in the purchase of computer lights and console equipment is often purchased several times in batches, often resulting in a small number of configuration of the computer lights, but the model miscellaneous, Product performance uneven, to the use of a certain cause of trouble and difficulties. In particular, the control part is often purchased with the first computer lights.