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Stage Lighting Equipment Can Only Live Long If It Is Well Maintained Apr 26, 2018

Each stage lighting equipment product has its life span, especially electronic products. If you can cherish the use and good maintenance can extend its life, we also have a variety of stage lighting equipment. The life of stage lighting equipment depends to a large extent on the daily maintenance of the equipment. The maintenance of the stage lighting equipment is relatively trivial. Not only routine inspections are performed every day and every week, but also monthly maintenance and proper debugging are required. Our KEZUN lighting equipment manufacturers also have a lot of customers doing quite well in this area. We teach you how to do routine testing for equipment. Now let's talk about the maintenance of lighting equipment.

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Stage lighting equipment maintenance precautions:

1. In the first half an hour before the opening of the stage music performance, all stage lighting equipment will be turned on - low-temperature warm-up, and check all equipment and lines at the same time. Low temperature means that the lights can be slightly bright.

2. After warm-up for 15 minutes, turn all the equipment back to zero to allow the stage lighting equipment to dissipate heat. The cooling time is not less than fifteen minutes.

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3. After cooling, you can officially enter stage music stage.

4. After the show is over, the lighting technician should turn off all equipment and let the equipment cool down for fifteen to twenty minutes after leaving the site. Then the equipment will be sealed or covered and the lighting technician can leave.

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The above is the maintenance considerations for stage lighting equipment. If you want to know more about stage lighting equipment, please continue to pay attention to our KE ZUN information!