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Stage Lighting Color Matching Apr 18, 2018

The so-called light color, the color of light, is the most expressive emotional element in the stage lighting. It is used to render the atmosphere, the atmosphere, and the thoughts and emotions of the characters; in terms of space and time, and in controlling the rhythm of the performance. Played a very important role, at the same time on the stage to show the scenery, costumes, make-up props "secondary coloring", unified and coordinated the stage of the screen color. From this we can see that color is not a simple phenomenon. Since ancient Greek times, scientists have begun to explore light and color. For a long time, there has been a great deal of discussion about color, and here I cannot do scientific scientifically on light color. The rigorous theoretical research just wants to talk about the experience of applying the stage light color in the long-term artistic practice. The inadequacies also invite the teachers and readers to criticize and correct me, learn together, and discuss together.


A light-colored emotional symbol

   Light color is the more important one of the elements of the stage lighting, and it is also the most complicated factor. Color can cause people's aesthetic experience, and people's memories produce similar associations. For example, red can allow people to make positive and negative associations, think of fire and blood, and then think of the sun, weddings, wars, etc., feeling warm, warm, festive or terror, pain, and death. In the stage performance, the lighting design often uses the symbol or meaning of light color to express and express the story and rendering atmosphere. However, because of differences in group culture, personal habits and different moods, the association and feeling of color are also different and cannot be generalized.