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Stage Laser Light In The Purchase Time To Pay Attention To The Following Points Oct 24, 2017

Stage laser light in the use of the stage is also very important, with irreparable effect, so the stage lights in addition to professional-grade computer moving head lights, the new LED stage lights, there is never timeless, with a magical charm of the stage laser light. Many lights group to create a dream effect, whether it is a large indoor studio or outdoor large square, have such a feeling.


When purchasing a laser light, note the following:


First, buy to see the power and spot diameter size


Laser light beam on the human eye has a fatal injury, the greater the power the more dangerous! Spot diameter of less than 2mm, power greater than 100mW still static green laser beam, if directly hit the human skin, then in a few seconds there is a burning sensation. When the same spot, the power of more than 300mW green laser beam directly hit the clothes, a minute, the clothes may be burned. So, absolutely can not look directly at the laser beam!


   Laser performance, the laser beam is scanned by high-speed galvanometer scatter, although the laser power is relatively large, but after the sweep of the unit area of the laser power density is very low, usually does not cause irreversible damage to the human eye The However, if the laser beam due to circuit or scanning galaxies and other failures caused by the laser beam in the normal scan process suddenly stopped, and this laser beam and just into your eyes, then see how your luck. Light, your eyesight decreased significantly, heavy, immediately blind!


   Laser show nice, but very dangerous! In order to solve this problem, now Europe and the United States and other developed countries have developed a set of "laser scanning out of control" technology, laser light with this technology, when the laser beam accidentally stop scanning, the laser will be automatically closed. Therefore, in order to protect you and your customers' eyes, you must pay attention to whether the product has a "laser scan out of control" function when you purchase a laser demo product and verify this function.


Second, look at the classification of laser light


Currently on the market of laser light, from the scanning device on a total of two categories. One is a simple beam scanning laser, this type of laser light using low-speed stepper motor scan, the effect is only some simple repetitive beam effect. The other is galvanometer scanning laser light, usually this type of laser light can cast text and animation. Galvanometer scanning laser light, and can be divided into low-speed 10Kpps around the text animation laser and ILDA standard> 30Kpps high-speed high block text animation laser light. Low-speed galvanometer scanning laser light usually can not put complex high-quality text or animation, can not be a "multi-pattern stunt" effect. Mao Cheng with> 30Kpps high-speed galvanometer developed in the high-end text animation laser light, not only can put high-quality text and animation, you can also put "multi-pattern effects" effect.


Third, look at the actual effect of voice


Now a lot of laser lights have "voice" function, the "voice" is actually a very simple volume trigger laser playback, the effect is simple, monotonous. And "laser music synchronized synthesis" is the laser effect data and music related to the rhythm of the data synchronized to play together, so that the background music with the laser in an orderly manner with the music rhythm synchronized play, the effect is usually Of the "voice" effect can not be compared.


 Fourth, look at the artistic effect of text animation


Currently on the market a lot of known characters animation laser lights are not "broken pen" effect, text animation art sense is poor. The so-called "broken pen" is when the text, the same word between the strokes, or between the two text should be no laser connection. Usually, low-end laser lights are not "broken pen" effect, the delivery of text or animation distortion is great.


Fifth, to see if you have a "multi-laser pattern stunt"


If the laser light or performance system has a "multi-pattern stunt" function, then it can be more effective, you can simply say that such a single-head laser can be placed equivalent to two ordinary single-head laser light combination effect.


Sixth, see "galvanometer" performance of the pros and cons


The galvanometer is a key component that directly affects the quality of the pattern, and usually a good galvanometer can deliver more text in the same fidelity; or in the same number of words, the distortion of the text is less. Can put high-quality text galvanometer, but also to deliver high-quality, the effect of more laser effect patterns.


 Seventh, see "DMX512" smart or not


Many of the market claims that "DMX512 control" of the laser light is basically no programming function, but a simple pattern call, this laser is usually more monotonous effect. The "multi-function DMX512 intelligent programming", provides a powerful programming and pattern effects editing means, with such a function of the laser can be directly through the DMX512 console to edit the laser scene effects and procedures, while the laser effects scene and the traditional stage In addition, you can use this laser light and DMX512 control of the computer lights mixed up to use, you can achieve the perfect combination of laser effects and lighting effects.


Eighth, to see whether the indicators meet the ILDA international standards


If the laser manufacturer is not an ILDA member, then its product is usually not designed according to this standard, otherwise it will increase the cost.


Ninth, see how the dust seal measures


There are some optical reflector inside the laser light, if there is no dust inside the sealed measures, then the dust and smoke will soon be the lens pollution, so that the reflection efficiency will be reduced, the laser light after a period of time need to clean, or brightness Will become very dark But often cleaned, the lens of the high reflective film will be destroyed, the reflection efficiency is lower. So there is no dust seal measures of the laser light, although the brightness just now in the purchase can be, but it will not take long, may become 1-2 months after the dark.


To determine whether a laser light dust control measures, as long as the laser to see its output is not a piece of dustproof glass. If not, it is certainly the manufacturer in order to save costs, did not take dust measures. This kind of laser light, in fact, is very poor price, because its actual life is very short. So when you buy laser lights must pay attention to whether there is no dust control measures, if you are a dealer or engineering business, your customers in 1-2 months because of laser brightness decline, you want to replace the laser light, you are not very trouble?


 Tenth, to see whether the test power is true


At present, many domestic manufacturers of laser lights, may be due to the lack of laser expertise, often intentionally or unintentionally use false (reported high) laser power to mislead customers in order to achieve the purpose of promoting sales. Often 50mW laser nominal 100mW, the 500mW green laser nominal 1000mW. If there is no laser expertise, experience or measurement tools to identify the actual power of the laser light is indeed more difficult, if you have the actual power of the laser lights have doubts, the easiest way is to two laser lights on-site comparison, or consult the laser The expert.


Laser light with bright colors, high brightness, good direction, far range, easy to control, etc., looks more magical fantasy feeling, so the general application in the building, parks, squares, theaters, a variety of performances, mainly the use of The laser beam does not diverge, can attract as far as a few kilometers away from the eyes of people, from the laser point has become the focus of attention. If the laser light placed in the high-rise or the top of the mountain area, the beam shot away, the air appeared a bright green light, very bright, the beam can swing up and down around a radius of a few kilometers can enjoy its magical gorgeous face The


If used for outdoor, such as laser light emitted from the laser light to the water curtain, buildings or walls, etc., the laser in the scanning system under the control of rapid movement, the formation of text, patterns, etc. for viewing. As for indoor viewing, such as laser lights installed in theaters, nightclubs, dance halls and other places within. With a certain dry ice smoke, the laser beam to smoke and scan, can also form a text, pattern, animation. But also with the music to play intense laser performances, that gorgeous bright colors are fascinating stay! Of course, under normal circumstances the most commonly used in nightclubs, dance halls, dance performances, theaters, outdoor advertising and landmarks and so on.