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Spray Fog Machine Aug 20, 2017

              Sprayer is a major plant protection equipment, after certain use will be a lot of trouble. The overhaul method is as follows: 1. Not uniformly continuous spraying. Check: When the pump is started, the switch is not closed so that the air is filled with liquid and there is no compressed air. Repair: Remove the air chamber, pour out the medicine liquid, turn off the switch, pump the liquid again, and make the air in the room compressed. 2, pasted. Check: The pump tube is covered with a piston rod around the pasted. Repair: If the liquid medicine exceeds the safe water level, the excess liquid should be poured out to make it under the safe water level line, if the felt ring under the cover of the pump tube is damaged, it should be replaced. 3, can't spray fog. Check: The nozzle hole is clogged, or the switch is damaged by the overcast hydrosphere, or the strainer is damaged, or the nozzle is blocked or the ball valve is closed without serious wear. Repair: Fold down the nozzle cap, remove the vent plate cleaning and decontamination, and even more the yin hydrosphere, washer, strainer and skin bowl, cleaning nozzle, ball valve. 4. Difficulty in shaking rod. Check: Each activity connection part is rusty, or the stopper is bent, or the outlet valve is clogged, or the skin bowl is jammed or damaged. Repair: Remove the connecting rod pieces, with kerosene cleaning derusting, and then coated with lubricating oil as is; school straight plug, demolition of the gas chamber and outlet valve seat, remove the ball valve clean; Replace the new leather bowl. 5. No pressure in the air chamber. Check: Seal gasket damaged air leakage, or skin bowl or dry shrinkage or damage, or into the outlet valve is not strictly closed. Repair: Re-replace the sealing washer, remove the skin bowl and soak it in the oil and use it, or replace the new skin bowl, remove the seat to clean, or replace the ball valve.Fog Machine

               WFB 118 Ultra Low Volume Sprayer is a new technology, which is widely valued at home and abroad. This spray is ultra low volume spray oil pesticide, without the need for water. Ultra-low-volume spray droplets are small to 15-75 microns in diameter. Therefore, the injection of provincial medicine, usually the dosage of 661,150 ml/MU, can effectively control pests and diseases. Most suitable for water shortage areas, mountainous areas and sloping fields, wheat, millet, cotton and rapeseed crops such as pest control. Its structure and the Dongfanghong-18 type of mobile fog dusting machine is basically the same, just dress up a set of ultra-low-volume nozzle device.Fog Machine

              Centrifugal fan in the gasoline engine driven under the rotation, the resulting high speed air flow through the nozzle, into the nozzle encountered a shunt cone, airflow into a ring along the nozzle around the spray. The high speed airflow is blown to the drive impeller, so that the rotating assembly (front, rear gear plate, driving impeller) rotates at a high speed of 10000 rpm/min around the hollow shaft. At the same time from the medicine cabinet through the switch into the hollow shaft of the liquid, from the hollow shaft of the hole outflow, into the front and rear teeth between the gap. Thus, the liquid medicine in the high-speed rotation of the front and rear teeth plate under the centrifugal force, along the front and rear teeth plate outside the circumference of the circle thrown, broken into a fine mist particles, at the same time by the spout of the high speed air jet blowing in the distance.Fog Machine