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South China Sea Layout: Create A Semiconductor Lighting Industry Chain Jun 07, 2016

  Since 2009, Semiconductor Lighting industry gained rapid development of the South China Sea. Sea Semiconductor Lighting industry technology innovation platform and the in the try base input construction, and South area most mass of lighting source market South (International) source lighting city take shape, and sea was province Technology Office finds for Guangdong new light industrialization base, sea has through LED industry chain, is expected to first breakthrough LED high-end lighting application promotion of bottleneck, sharply reduced LED products of price, for traditional lighting enterprise transformation and LED products universal found breakthrough.

  For speed up industry of development, sea district has in October 2009 introduced has speed up Semiconductor Lighting industry development of related support approach, established total scale 1 billion ~20 billion yuan of industry development special funds, in upgrade independent innovation capacity, and strengthening public platform construction, and construction model engineering, and promote voted financing, aspects give industry development strong of support, will relies on independent innovation and industry agglomeration phase combined, build from chip research, and equipment manufacturing, and LED extension tablets and chip manufacturing, and power package, and Applications development, test and production, product marketing semiconductor lighting of the whole industry chain is detected, will be formed within the next 3-5 30 billion ~500 billion yuan of industrial scale, become well-known Semiconductor Lighting industry base.