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Some Fire Protection Measures For Stage Lighting Equipment You Must Understand May 04, 2018

Guangzhou stage lighting equipment has been widely used in opera houses, theater companies, theaters, dance halls and so on. Therefore, there are some fire prevention measures for stage lighting equipment that you need to pay attention to.

Guangzhou stage lighting equipment

1 should find qualified manufacturers to properly install lighting, decorative lamps.

(1) The distance between the lamps and flammables shall not be less than 50 centimeters (tungsten halogen lamps shall be greater than 50 centimeters), and the height to the ground shall not be less than 2 meters. When below this height, protective equipment shall be installed. It is not appropriate to stack flammable materials under the bulb.

(2) The protective cover of the lamp must be intact. It is forbidden to use paper, cloth or other combustibles to block the lamp.

(3) The power of all concealed and surface mounted luminaires on flammable ceilings should not be too large, and incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps should be the main products. Cool circumstance should be provided around the concealed lamps and accessories. Stage lighting concealed lanterns, dance floor footlights, and flammable ceiling lamps shall be covered with steel pipes or flame-retardant hard plastic casings; the wires near the tungsten halogen lamps shall be insulated with heat-resistant insulation; lanterns shall be hoisted. There should be apron protection for the wires passing through the keel.

(4) The selection of a low-temperature ballast produced by a manufacturer with reliable quality must not place the ballast with a high temperature rise directly on a flammable large-scale board or the like, and the capacitance and capacity of the ballast must be the same as the lamp.

2. Strict lighting voltage level and load capacity.

The lighting voltage is generally 220 volts. The power supply voltage of portable lighting fixtures should not exceed 36 volts. In humid areas, it must not exceed 12 volts. Auto-transformers must not be used. Below 36 volts and 220 volt power outlets should have significant differences and markings.

Accident lighting fixtures should be located in places prone to accidents, major building entrances and exits, important workplaces, etc., and marked with obvious colors to enable timely and convenient activation in the event of an accident. Accident lighting fixtures cannot be of the slow-start type (such as ballast-activated fixtures, etc.). Accident lighting fixtures shall have independent emergency battery power to ensure normal open use without damage when the normal power system is damaged.

Stage lighting equipment must do enough protective measures to prevent accidents. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a qualified stage lighting equipment manufacturer.