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Some Details Of The Use Of Computer Moving Headlights You Must Pay Attention To Apr 28, 2018

At present, the computer moving beam light on the market is usually applied to the stage, square and other places. The professional head beam light mainly integrates the electronic lighting, the mechanical lighting, and the optical lighting. But did you know that when you are using a moving head light, you must pay attention to these details! The following is an analysis of the headlights wholesale manufacturer KEZUN.

1. Power supply problem of computer moving beam light

 Moving head light wholesalers

In the entire television production system, the stage lighting equipment system uses the largest amount of electricity. The power supply department generally provides power transformers to power the stage lighting equipment system. The three-phase power output of the power supply is 380V phase voltage, and the power supply for the computer moving head light is 220V, 50Hz. It is necessary to pay attention to the power supply of the moving head of the computer. Do not connect the phase voltage of 380V. Otherwise, the board of the moving head of the bar will be burned, and even the whole lamp will be scrapped. The problem of stage computer beam light power should also be noted that due to the very large number of electric devices in the moving head of the stage, various types of motors, circuit boards, and light bulb starters are included. If a computer moving head that is calibrated as 1200W, its power consumption is generally around 2000W. In addition, we must pay attention to the power supply wiring to distinguish between the zero line and the ground, if the scanner power supply power supply protection ground connection is not good, it may cause damage to the lamp.

 Moving head beam light

2. The signal line problem of stage moving head light

Moving head beam lights are digital stage lighting equipment. They are connected to each other through signal lines and execute instructions from the computer's moving head console to complete every action such as color change, light motion, Pattern change, etc.). Therefore, the importance of the signal line can be imagined. If there is a hidden danger in a signal line, it will cause the entire system to be out of control and unable to operate normally. In addition, we must pay attention to the control length of the signal line. Under normal circumstances, the length of the signal line control should not exceed 150m. Otherwise, the control signal will be greatly attenuated and it will not be able to control the moving head. If the signal line is too long, consider adding a signal amplifier. In retrospect, many of the faults we encountered in actual work were caused by signal lines. Therefore, careful measurement of each signal line before connecting the signal lines and appropriately adding signal amplifiers in the control loop is the result of the author's work over a long period of time and can often achieve a multiplier effect.

The following songstars introduced a 16 stepper motor drive for everyone, and the X/Y axis uses a three-phase motor, a faster, less noisy computer moving head beam light.

 Guangzhou stage lighting

280W beam pattern light

Voltage: AC100-250V 50/60HZ

Power: 470W

Light source:YODN 280W(10R)

Control channel: 16/24CH

Beam angle: 1°-2.7°,

Pattern angle: 2.7°-38°,

Dyeing angle: 38°-48° One color plate, 13 colors plus white light,

With color flow and half-color function; a fixed pattern plate,

14 patterns plus white light, with jitter and water function,

A rotary pattern disk with 9 rotatable patterns plus white light

Each pattern has positive and negative rotation, jitter and water flow.

An 8 prism, a ladder mirror, with positive and negative rotation.

Electronic lighting function, light bulb can be controlled by the console to open and close;

Electronic energy saving mode, automatic closing of light power by half

Multi-stage optical lens group electronic focusing, zoom function, linear atomization function,

Level 540 degrees, vertical 270 degree beam scanning,

Display: LCD touch screen, bilingual display in Chinese and English.


Net weight: 18KG