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Semiconductor Lighting Industry In China Has Entered A Period Of Fast-growing Up Jun 07, 2016

  Launched in 2003 after the semiconductor lighting project, Ministry of science and technology in the science and technology research program, the 863 programme has supported the semiconductor lighting technology in the field of new materials innovation and industrialization, and Semiconductor Lighting industry in China has made significant advances in technology, initially formed from the raw materials, the Middle chip preparation, packaging and raw materials and complete integrated application development and industrial system, entered the stage of rapid development.

  1, made great breakthroughs in key technologies of industrialization. With enterprises as the main body of the LED technology advances faster industrialization of enterprise lines complete the power-on light effect achieved after the 80~100lm/W chip packaging. Power white LED package reached the international advanced level. Power silicon substrates with independent intellectual property rights LED chip packaging efficiency achieved after 78lm/W, in the international advanced level.

  2, the industry begins to take shape, industry chain and more complete, applications at the international forefront of the market. By the end of 2009, China's total LED more than 3,000 companies. Among them, upstream Epitaxial and chip makers over 40, about 1000 Middle packaging enterprises, products and raw materials production enterprises 2000. Private enterprises accounted for 85% of the total number of enterprises. In 2009, China's chip output growth 25%, reached 2.3 billion yuan, with 26% growth essentially flat in 2008. In 2009, China LED packaging production value reached 20.4 billion yuan in 2008, representing a growth of 18.5 billion yuan 10%; 10% increase in production in 2008 to 94 billion, to reach 105.6 billion, high brightness LED reached 18.6 billion yuan output value, sales of LED 90%.