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Moving Head Light Several Common Faults And Their Own Solution Nov 08, 2017

We will introduce some common faults during the use of stage moving head light. These faults are very simple. As long as you have a good look, you can solve the problem yourself. Do not have to find manufacturers to solve, today we shake the headlights of several common faults made a summary, I hope to be helpful.


First: moving the entire lamp is not energized?

1: first check the power cord for any problems;

2: Check the power seat of the fuse is burned out;

3: Turn on the bottom of the lamp panel, check the ballast is energized; internal switch cable is falling like;

4: Open the two lamp body shell, near the location of the bulb check temperature control is faulty.


Second: moving head light bulbs do not light?

1: Turn on the lamp body to check if the bulb is white or black, if there are two above images, replace the bulb and try again;

2: Open the lamp body two housings, the lamppost installed flip-flop, check the flip-flop wiring is black, if there is to replace the trigger.


Third: Moving head light bulbs when the light is not bright?

1: Check the bulb is white or black or even rose, when the above situation, please replace the lamp, so as not to cause damage to the product;

2: Check the fan near both sides of the bulb is functioning properly, if there is a bad, please replace the fan;

3: Please open the two housings, there is a white temperature control in the layer of gobos and gobos to see if it is burnt out (if it is broken, it will not blister it);

4: Open the two lamp body shell, the rear of the lamp has a cooling window, after a long time will block the air in and out of the room, if the heat window appears dust covered, please clean (this heat the best monthly cleaning Once the best).


Fourth: Moving head light bulb explode what is the reason?

1: first check whether the voltage is between 220V-230V, if more than 230V can be the possibility of bubble (so the site should be installed voltage regulator);

2: If there is foam, please check whether the bubble is caused by long service life (usually the normal domestic bulb life of 300-500 hours);

3: Is there any problem with the quality of the light bulb?

4: If none of the above three methods, it may be a ballast problems, please contact the supplier to solve.


Fifth: shaking his head uncontrollably?

1: check whether the address code logarithm? If the address code but not controlled, check the three signal lines have not reversed? And check the connection between the cradle and the card leader whether the situation (poor contact);

2: If the address code is correct, the DMX light in the address code will flash normally if there is no problem with the connection of the signal line, if it is not flash, there is a connection problem;

3: go to the same console to connect another lamp test alone, if there is no problem, then prove that uncontrolled lamp motherboard or display panel problems, please contact the supplier to solve.


Sixth: shaking his head off the belt?

1: If the lamp body X / Y axis did not respond, but the control console and other lights are normal operation, there may be off the belt;

2: If the X axis does not move, but the Y axis moves, or the X axis moves, but the Y axis does not move, it may be off the belt;

3: If you have the above appears, you can turn X / Y in the light of the situation by hand to move X / Y walk, feel if there is a belt in the driven turn, if it is very loose and very easy to dial, it shows that the broken belt , Please contact the supplier to solve.


Seventh: moving head lights appear out of sync?

1: If the moving head lamp looks like the out of step, please recompile the program and try again;

2: If not enough, then prove that a certain function of a motor or motherboard IC burn out, please contact the supplier to solve.