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Mechanical Application Of Bubble Machine Oct 24, 2017

Nowadays, the printing and dyeing industry is becoming more and more competitive, and the cost of energy and water is increasing. Therefore, printing and dyeing enterprises must be the original processing technology to improve and innovate to reduce costs and win the market. is to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and the impact on the environment to the lowest, the focus of its innovation.Bubble Machine 

Low-band liquid-rate processing of textiles, especially the foam dyeing and finishing process has some advantages in energy saving, water saving, efficiency improvement and product quality assurance.Bubble Machine

Foam is a tiny multiphase viscous unstable system formed by a large amount of gas dispersed in a small amount of liquid to form micro-bubble aggregates and separated by Liquid films. For dyeing and finishing of foam has five important indicators, in addition to viscosity and density, the other three indicators are: foaming ratio before foaming liquid quality after foaming the same volume of foam quality ratio.Bubble Machine

So-called bubble finishing, is to use as much air as possible to replace the water needed to prepare the finishing liquid, through the air, the finishing agent in water or other solution of the concentrated solution or suspension expansion into foam, and then forced foam spread to the surface of the processed fabric and penetrate into the interior of the fabric, In this way, the uniform distribution of chemical agents can be ensured under the condition of minimum moisture content. The essence of foam processing is the use of air to replace part of the water, the finishing agent, the working liquid of dye or coating is made into foam of a certain foaming ratio, so that it stably reaches the surface of the fabric in the half-life, and under the action of system pressure, capillary effect and foam wetting ability of the foaming device, the liquid is rapidly cracked and uniformly applied to the fabric.Bubble Machine

Foam dyeing and finishing technology has achieved good results in developed countries and regions in Europe and America, and has received more and more attention in our country. If applied to textiles after finishing the water repellent, hydrophilic, soft, flame-retardant, anti-wrinkle, shrink-proof, anti-bacterial, Anti-ultraviolet finishing, etc. in addition, the denim color, paint dyeing, reactive dyes dyeing, etc., but also achieved very satisfactory results; other aspects of foam sizing, foam mercerizing, non-woven fabric and carpet industry of dipping, Coated gum and dyeing.Bubble Machine