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Laser Light Of The Security Level May 31, 2017

Laser Light and eye damage: in the laser damage, the body of the eye damage the most serious. Wavelengths in the visible and near infrared Laser Light, eye refractive media absorption rate is low, high transmittance, and refractive media focusing capacity (ie, condenser force) strong. Highly visible or near-infrared light can enter the eye through the human eye refractive media, accumulation of light on the retina. At this point the laser energy density and power density on the retina increased to several thousand or even tens of thousands of times, a large number of Laser Light in the moment together in the retina, causing the photoreceptor cell layer temperature rapidly increased, so that photoremia coagulation degeneration and necrosis And the loss of the role of light. Laser coagulation of cells caused by overheating caused by protein coagulation degeneration is irreversible damage. Once the damage will cause permanent blindness of the eye.

The wavelength of the laser varies with the degree of the eye, the consequences are different. Far infrared laser damage to the eyes mainly in the cornea, which is because the wavelength of the laser almost all absorbed by the cornea, so the most corneal injury, mainly caused by keratitis and conjunctivitis, the patient felt eye pain, foreign body-like stimulation, Afraid of light, tears, eye congestion, vision loss and so on. The occurrence of far infrared light injury should be covered to protect the wound, to prevent infection, symptomatic treatment.

UV laser on the eye damage is mainly cornea and lens, this band of ultraviolet laser almost all of the lens absorption of the eye, and far to the main corneal absorption, which can cause lens and corneal opacity. 

The laser will usually mark a laser warning label with a security level number: 

Level 1 (Class I / 1): Laser Light usually because the beam is completely enclosed, for example, in a CD or DVD player.

Level 2 (Class II / 2): Laser Light is safe under normal conditions of use, and these devices typically have a power of less than 1 mW, such as a laser pointer.

Class 3 a / R (Class IIIa / 3R): Power usually reaches 5mW, watching this beam for a few seconds will cause immediate damage to the retina.

Class III / B (Class IIIb / 3B): in the exposure will cause immediate damage to the eyes.

Level 4 (Class IV / 4): The laser will burn the skin, even if the scattered laser light (200W or more) will cause damage to the eyes and skin. The use of laser heat, you can create a new type of cooking tools.

The above situation refers to the case of direct laser eyes. If indirect observation of the laser, any 200W following the laser effect of the Dindal will not affect the eyes.