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Laser Light Characteristics And Separation Technology Jun 28, 2017

           Directional luminescence: The ordinary light source is shines in all directions. To allow the light to spread in one direction, the light source must be fitted with a certain concentration device, such as the car headlights and searchlights are installed with a concentrated reflector, so that the radiant light together in one direction. Lasers emitted by laser are inherently emitted in one direction, with a minimum divergence of about 0.001 radians and nearly parallel. In the 1962, the first use of laser irradiation on the moon, the earth is about 380,000 kilometers away from the moon, but laser light on the surface of the moon less than two kilometers. If the condenser effect is good, the seemingly parallel searchlight beam to the moon, according to its spot diameter will cover the entire moon. Astronomers believe that aliens may be using flashing lasers as a cosmic beacon to try to connect with the Earth.Laser Light

          High brightness: Before the invention of the laser, the high voltage pulsed xenon lamp in artificial light source has the highest brightness, which is equal to the brightness of the sun, and the laser brightness of the ruby laser can surpass the xenon lamp tens of billions of times times. Because the laser has a very high brightness, it can illuminate distant objects. The light emitted by the Ruby laser beam on the moon produces about 0.02 lux (illumination units), the color is bright red, the laser spot is visible to the naked eye. If you use the most powerful searchlight to illuminate the moon, the illumination is only about One-zero lux, the human eye can not be detected. The main reason for the high brightness of laser is directional luminescence. A large number of photons are concentrated in a very small space range, and the energy density is very high. The ratio of laser brightness to sunlight is $number, and it is created by humans.Laser Light

         Laser separation technology mainly refers to laser cutting technology and laser drilling technology. Laser separation technology is the focus of energy to a small space, can obtain 105 extremely high radiation power density, the use of this high-density energy for non-contact, high speed, high-precision processing methods. In such a high light power density irradiation, almost any material can be achieved laser cutting and drilling. Laser cutting technology is a kind of new cutting method, which can get rid of the traditional mechanical cutting, heat treatment and cutting, with higher cutting precision, lower roughness, more flexible cutting method and higher production efficiency. As one of the methods of machining holes in solid materials, laser drilling has become a special application processing technology, mainly used in aviation, aerospace and microelectronics industry.Laser Light