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KTV Room With The Light Of How To Design Jan 12, 2018

We KEZUN done a lot about KTV audio lighting project, KTV rooms, whether it is sound configuration and lighting design experience is very rich. When you see the colorful lighting design of the private rooms so that guests feel happy, which KTV private room lighting design, which more guests. In order to defeat in this competition, many KTV operators want to break the head, and today we KEZUN will share with you about the main method of private room lighting design, KTV operators had to look at the following to look Details in this regard.


      First: the use of classic lighting:


      Such as the use of modern simple crystal lamp as our main lighting private rooms, such private room lighting design is worth our lesson.


      Second: the use of commercial lighting


      Traditional equivalent, spotlights outside, we often configure the KTV private dining room lamp (bean gall lamp) as the main light source of private dining room is one of the lighting design techniques.


      Third: the use of modern lighting


      In this design approach, such as the use of modern style wire lights, commoner lights, rattan lamps as the main lighting or auxiliary lighting, and the original organic combination of decoration, and sometimes such a light design will have a different kind of view.


      Fourth: We can also Yun Yun stage lighting in the private room lighting design


      Stage lighting in the private dining room is also a very good lighting design, stroboscopic lights in the KTV private room configuration, mini-moon, etc., computers, laser lights. This lighting design can create a strong light atmosphere.


      Fifth: LED lighting use


      In the current design of KTV room lighting design should be the most common, but also a good effect. LED lighting variety, can produce a variety of effects. Such lighting has a better advantage, he is more energy saving and environmental protection.


      Sixth: fiber optic lighting is also our KTV private room lighting design more excellent design practices


      The use of different private room lighting design practices will make our private room to create a different entertainment atmosphere, when you are in the private room lighting design according to their own needs to choose a more suitable lighting design. If you need KTV's private room lighting and audio equipment can also contact us KEZUN, if there is a problem with the lighting design can also communicate with us.