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KEZUN Shares With You The Effects Of Light Control And Its Use Apr 23, 2018

The use of time light in stage lighting design is an important method in the dramatic art. When using light colors, he must master his skills and rules. The following is the stage lighting equipment wholesale factory in Guangzhou Gosda to share with you the stage lighting control and its application effect!

With the addition of light color and object color reduction, as long as you master the rule of color, you can use the colors to change the ever-changing colors. The deployment of seasoning is the application of the commonly used “subtractive” law of color science. Understand this rule, using the color filter superposition method can call up a variety of light colors required.

The stage lighting equipment superimposes different types of color filters together to obtain the desired light colors through light. Stage lighting also uses the “subtractive” law of painting color. But it is worth mentioning that the stage lighting equipment not only uses this method, but also must use the "light color additive" method to obtain different light colors. That is, the regularity of the three primary colors of light, red, green and blue added to white. If we confuse the law of "adding light colors" and the law of "subtracting things," it will be difficult to find reasonable scientific laws from the use of light colors. In fact, these two laws are also used in color television and color film photography.

Red light plus green light produces yellow light, but yellow in the color cannot be matched from red and green light, and yellow light can be produced when mixed with blue and blue light. That is, the primary color red plus the primary colors blue and green produce the intermediate yellow color. This is actually a complementary color, also known as the remaining color. That is to say, when two kinds of color light add together, white color can be generated, and these two color lights are said to be the remaining color, which is also the law of white light addition.

The "light color combination" in which the light color obtained by superimposing the stage light filter on the "subtraction of the object color" and the light of the two different light colors on the stage are two different methods of color grading must be clarified. Two different laws, then familiar with him in the stage lighting design practice, in order to get the desired artistic effect.

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