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Introduction Of Several Common Laser Light Aug 20, 2017

             Laser to balance the process: using laser to remove the high speed rotating parts on the unbalanced part, so that the inertial axis and the rotating axis coincide to achieve the process of dynamic balance. The laser balance technology has two functions of measurement and weight, which can be measured and corrected simultaneously, and the efficiency is greatly improved, which has wide application foreground in the field of gyro manufacture. For high-precision rotors, the laser dynamic balance can multiply the balance precision, and the balance precision of the mass eccentricity can reach 1% or thousand microns.Laser Light

             Laser etching process: Compared to the traditional chemical etching process simple, can significantly reduce production costs, machinable 0.125~1 Micron-wide line, very suitable for the manufacture of VLSI.

             Laser drilling Technology: Laser drilling technique has the advantages of high precision, high universality, low cost and remarkable economic benefit, which has become one of the key technologies in the field of modern manufacturing. Before the laser appears, can only use the hard material in the hardness of the smaller material to punch holes. It is extremely difficult to punch holes in the most hardened diamond. After the laser appears, this kind of operation is fast and safe. However, the laser drilled holes are conical rather than cylindrical, which is inconvenient in some places.Laser Light

              Laser Welding Process: It has the effect of dissolving pond purifying, can purify weld metal, and it is suitable for welding between same and different metal materials. Laser welding energy density is high, high melting point, high reflectivity, conductivity rate and physical characteristics of a large difference in metal welding is particularly advantageous. Laser welding, with less power than the cutting metal laser beam, so that the material melting without gasification, after cooling into a continuous solid structure.Laser Light