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Introduction Of Chemical Properties Of Bubble Machine Aug 30, 2017

    Foam fire extinguishing agent is a combustible flammable liquid effective fire extinguishing agent, it is mainly in the liquid surface to produce cohesive foam floating layer, from the choking and cooling effect. Foam fire extinguishing agent is divided into chemical foam, air foam, fluoride protein foam, water film foam and anti-soluble foam.Bubble Machine

    A chemical foam fire extinguishing agent (MP), commonly used chemical foam fire extinguishing agent, mainly acidic salt (aluminum sulfate) and alkaline salt (sodium bicarbonate) with a small amount of blowing agent (plant hydrolyzed protein or licorice powder), a small amount of Stabilizer (ferric chloride), etc., the interaction of foam, chemical foam fire extinguishing agent in the role of the formation of a large number of carbon dioxide gas, it and the role of blowing agent will generate a lot of bubbles. This foam has a small density and is sticky and can cover the air on the surface of the fire. At the same time carbon dioxide is inert gas, not combustion.Bubble Machine

    Chemical foam fire extinguishing agent can not be used to fight the bogey of acid and chemical equipment of the fire. Air foam extinguishing agent (MPE) air foam that is ordinary protein foam; it is a certain proportion of foam liquid, water and air through the mechanical interaction of each other after the formation of membrane-like foam group. The relative density of the foam is 0.11-0.16, and the gas in the bubble is air. The foam is a hydrolyzed animal or plant protein.Bubble Machine

    According to the requirements of the foam fire suppression system, mainly divided into liquid jet air foam generator and liquid jet air foam generator. The liquid jet air foam generator is fixedly mounted on the upper part of the wall of the tank and various hydrocarbon liquid storage containers. According to the installation of different ways, there are two vertical and horizontal.Bubble Machine

    Liquid jet air foam generator for liquid jet fire extinguishing system. Since the foam of the liquid jet foam system is pressed from the bottom of the tank, it is necessary to overcome the pipe resistance and the static pressure of the oil reservoir in the tank, also known as the high pressure foam generator. Air foam generator structure principle: air bubble generator mainly by the shell group, foam nozzle group and guide plate group composed of three parts.Bubble Machine