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How To Use Chasing Light Properly In Wedding Nov 13, 2017

Now the wedding company began to pay more attention to the stage lighting, a perfect wedding and ultimately the lighting foil, lighting design can help you to achieve a romantic wedding scene, warm atmosphere, you can also use the light to change the color and size of the ground , So a good wedding spotlight is essential. Here to tell you how to use the spotlight in the wedding.

    In the wedding, chasing light is one of the most used lighting, almost every wedding need to chase light. Now commonly used wedding chasing light with a traditional 2500W chasing lights, it is recommended to be debugged before each enabled, which is due to follow-up light power is higher, it is recommended that the power supply directly from the electrical outlet, to prevent power Overloaded trip, so as to avoid the formal occasion to use by surprise.

    The number of spotlights in the wedding scene selection, the best personal advice is more than two, this is because the light chasing light play more concentrated non-scattered, according to the object, the light and backlight contrast is very large. Sometimes there is no other Kwong Yu fill light, a chase light when the face will result in a new face Yin and Yang, or appear backlight, side light situation, very much affect the appearance. For a beautiful wedding, it is best to have additional light, it is recommended to use two or more spotlights.

    If there are two chasing lights, the first one can be placed on the side of the stage for admission, the second can be placed on the stage fill light use. If it is three chasing light, the third chasing light needs to be placed in parallel with the second chasing light, no light in front of the building is appropriate. It is recommended that the lamp stand is placed at a height of 2.5 meters or more, the lamp does not direct human eyes, lamp holder to ensure stability.

     As spotlight is a high-end equipment, equipment, high cost and large size, so the use of wedding spotlight, be sure to gently, to ensure the stability of the stent. Do not switch frequently, because the lamp is easy to burn out, wait for the machine to cool and then change the lamp, confirm the installation is firm and then use the power.