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How Much Do You Know About The Basic Knowledge Of Guangzhou Stage Lighting Equipment? May 03, 2018

With the rapid economic development, many bars, stage theaters, KTVs and other entertainment venues have higher and higher requirements for stage lighting equipment. Therefore, many Guangzhou stage lighting equipment manufacturers are constantly developing and improving in order to meet the requirements of everyone. More new stage lighting equipment such as beam lights, moving head lights, laser lights and more. How much do you know about the basic knowledge of stage lighting equipment? Let's share it for everyone!

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Designing a common stage light spot:

1, column light (also known as side light): The light projected from both sides of the mouth, mainly used for two sides of the characters or scenery lighting, increase the sense of three-dimensional, contour.

2. Backlight: The light projected from the opposite direction of the stage (such as top light, bridge light, etc.) can outline the outline of characters and scenery, enhance the sense of three-dimensionality and transparency, and can also be used as a specific light source.

3. Footlight: The light projected onto the stage from the platen in front of the platform. It mainly assists in the illumination of surface light and eliminates the shadow formed by the faces and chins of people who are exposed to high light such as surface light.

4. Flowing light: Located on the mobile lighthouses on both sides of the stage, it mainly assists the bridge light, supplementing the light on the sides of the stage or other specific light.

5, Slap: Located on both sides of the mouth of Taiwan, oblique cast on the stage of the light, divided into several layers, the main auxiliary surface light, strengthen the face lighting, increase the character,

6. Top light: The light that is thrown onto the stage from the top of the stage is divided into a row of top light, two rows of top light, and three rows of top light from front to back. It is mainly used for general lighting of the stage to enhance the stage illumination, and Many scenes, props fixed-point irradiation, mainly rely on the top light to solve. Three-dimensional scenery.

7. Qiaoguang: The light that is thrown onto the stage at the flyovers on both sides of the stage is mainly used to assist the column light, increase the three-dimensional sense, and also be used for the orientation of other light positions that are inconvenient for projection. It can also be used as a specific light source.

8. Heaven and earth radiate: The light that goes to the sky from above and below the sky canopy is mainly used for lighting and color changes in the sky.

9. Facing light: The light from the front of the audience to the stage and the main function is the front lighting of the character and the basic light of the entire shop.

10. Follow-up: The required light position from the auditorium or other places. It is mainly used to track actor performances or highlight a particular light, but also used as a host. It is a close-up of the stage art, playing the finishing touch. effect.

Well, this time we will talk about it here. Next time we will continue to share with you what are the characteristics of commonly used stage lighting equipment?