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Fog Machine The Specific Operation Of The Matter May 31, 2017

Fog Machine Steps

1. Before the power Fog Machine is turned on, check the smoke machine oil tank is added to the smoke oil;

2. carefully check the power supply voltage and smoke machine rated voltage consistent;

3. The power supply should be connected to a grounded power supply.

4. Connect different controllers (according to different models of smoke machine, control method points: 512 console control, wired control, wireless remote control, multiple control), can achieve different control functions;

5. Turn on the power switch (power switch indicator light), the hood is in working condition;

6. After the heating process is complete the indicator light, open the controller switch to achieve smoke spray. (Smoke machine for the first time, the smoke may be smaller or spray a small amount of water vapor, is a normal situation.


1. Smoke machine must be placed in a ventilated place, can not be used in the hole, otherwise it will lead to smoke machine temperature is too high, Fog Machine temperature control and disconnection caused by smoke machine does not heat the phenomenon.

2. Smoke machine can be placed on the ground, but also parallel to the ground installed in the high use, but not tilted to install, smoke machine up and down around should be kept at least 30CM empty, conducive to smoke machine cooling.

3. Should be installed in children can not touch, Fog Machine away from the flame and flammable and explosive materials, away from the nozzle 40CM to prevent burns.

4. All the smoke machine in the heating process a small amount of smoke spray (some even with a slight smell), is a normal phenomenon.

5. If the smoke is small, the suction pump noise or can not smoke the situation occurs, should immediately cut off the power. Also check the smoke and oil stocks, fuses, cables and power plugs. If you can not solve the problem, please contact the dealer.

6. In the case of no one, please do not let the machine work, children do not move, can not add flammable liquid, such as oil, gas and spices. Do not touch the wires while the machine is working to avoid electric shock.

7. Please confirm that there is no liquid and metal foreign body inside the machine before each boot. If there is any trouble, please contact the dealer. After use, it must be cooled for at least one hour before it can be put into the box.

8. Smoke machine maintenance period of 1-2 months. Specific maintenance is: 20% white vinegar plus 80% of the distilled water after heating 3 ~ 5 times!

9. Keep a good machine remote control accessories, if lost, the factory is generally not free to provide accessories!

10. Each fog machine manufacturers accessories can not be used for other brands of smoke machine, otherwise it will be damaged!

11. Add the smoke must be careful to prevent the flow of oil into the machine, before moving the transport, be sure to pour out the bucket of oil and dry any liquid!

12. Smoke machine should use the company's environmental protection smoke oil, so that you can enjoy unlimited fog machine free warranty, extend the life of the smoke machine, Fog Machine but also to remove the smoke from the human body to worry about the future.