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Fog Machine In Different Industries Aug 30, 2017

    Smoke machine, also known as smoke machine, spraying machine, are portable agricultural machinery. Smoke machine sub-trigger smoke machine, thermal smoke machine, pulse smoke machine, gas smoke machine, fuel smoke machine. At present, the most advanced smoke machine is the use of pulse jet principle design and manufacture of new spraying, fertilization, insecticide sterilization machine. The whole machine without a rotating parts, there is no case of mechanical wear, durable. Fog Machine

    The machine can make the drug and fertilizer made of smoke, has excellent penetrability and diffuse, good adhesion, strong anti-rain erosion, with easy operation, significantly reduce the amount of drugs, high efficiency, Good, conducive to environmental protection and other prominent features. Its control height> more than 15 meters, breadth: 20-50 acres / hour, which is any equipment can not be achieved.Fog Machine

   Smoke machine also has the drawbacks, because it is high temperature atomization, drugs (especially powder drugs) easily affected by high temperature degeneration, loss of efficacy at the same time will produce some other substances, the specific material is not toxic, It is necessary to identify the relevant units. Can guarantee the effect of the machine is a good machine.Fog Machine

   Smoke machine has not only widely used in agriculture, but also used in forest, animal husbandry, urban sanitation, large area epidemic prevention and public places stalk sterilization. It should be noted that the state requires smoke machine need to have 3 C certification to protect the quality and safety of farmers.Fog Machine

   Landscape fog area: it can make you as a mountain, return to nature, such as into the fairyland, to improve the humanities and natural landscape landscaping effect is remarkable, from the finishing touch of the pen. Landscape atomization can greatly increase the amount of negative oxygen ions in the air, no mosquitoes disturbed, greatly create and improve human survival and living environment.Fog Machine

   Factories and other areas: smelting, forging and other high-temperature workshop used to cool, dust; paper, textile and other plants used to humidification, dust, in addition to static; chemical, wood workshop used to deodorant, anti-corrosion; Humidification, in addition to static electricity and so on.Fog Machine