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Fast Laser Light Performance Sep 11, 2017

    Ultrafast laser technology, with the rapid development of laser technology, ultrafast laser appeared in the people's eyes, it has a unique ultrashort pulse, super strong characteristics, can be a low pulse energy to obtain a very high peak light intensity. Definition of ultrafast lasers: With very short laser pulses. The pulse duration is only a few picosecond or femtosecond. With extremely high peak power. The electric field is far stronger than the Coulomb field in the atom, and has a very high electric field strength enough to cause any material to ionization.Laser Light

    Ultra-fast laser processing characteristics: Processing of "ultra-fine"-ultrafast laser can focus on the ultra-fine space area, at the same time, with very high peak power and very short laser pulses, the cutting surface is neat, no thermal diffusion, no micro-cracks and metallurgical defects, and the processing process will not affect the surrounding material in the space range, So that the processing of super fine.Laser Light

    The heat process will play a major role when the "No heat effect"--the traditional laser with a pulse duration greater than 10ps--works with the material. Ultra-fast laser with pulse duration less than 10ps, because the pulse duration is only picosecond, femtosecond magnitude, far less than the material in the form of stimulated electrons through the transfer of energy release time, the energy is too late to release the Pulse has ended, to avoid the transfer of energy, transformation and thermal presence and thermal diffusion, Realize the true meaning of the laser "cold" processing.Laser Light

    Technical advantages. Compared with conventional lasers, the advantages of ultrafast laser processing materials are as follows: The ablation threshold of materials is reduced. No plasma shielding effect. The heat affected area is small. No material damage, no melting zone, no micro-cracks, no recasting layer. No splash, no burr.Laser Light