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Electronics Industry Market Will Also Have A Big Development Oct 18, 2017

In September this year, the ministry of industry and information technology for electronic information of internal departments and related duties have been adjusted, set up, is responsible for the consumer electronics industry planning, policy and management standard, etc.This fully shows that industry departments attach great importance to the consumer electronics industry as a whole development, the traditional information communication products, audio and video products, IT digital products more and more under the background of integration and the blurring of industry boundaries, to adjust relevant institutions, overall planning development of the whole industry.

From household appliances to the countryside to energy-saving appliances subsidy policy, from "about to speed up the construction of China's color TV industry brand guidelines" come on stage to accelerate the construction of China's mobile phone industry brand, from AVS2 standards as national standards to support haisi, skyworth, such as cooperative research and development of intelligent, the administrative departments for industry to industry development guidance, norms and management is very important.At present, the global consumer electronics industry is in the midst of from predominantly phone mobile Internet terminal to the artificial intelligence, virtual reality is the core of the next generation of innovation products shift key period, our country should seize the chance industry change, from consumer electronics manufacturing power become the consumer electronics innovation power, need to science as a whole and the key technology of node, and it can not simply rely on market or the power of an enterprise.

China is the world's largest producer of consumer electronics, and more than 50% of the global consumer electronics products from made in China, China has trained a large number of strong manufacturing capabilities of electronic manufacturing enterprises, huawei, zte, lenovo, skyworth, hisense, TCL, changhong, OPPO, gold instant a batch of domestic famous brand of electronic products...China has already had a good industrial base for developing consumer electronics.However, China's consumer electronics industry is still at the low end of the ecological chain. The key links of the industrial chain are still missing and the added value of the industry needs to be improved.We need to strengthen the top-level design, focus on key areas and key links of the consumer electronics industry, optimize and lay out innovative resources, and seize the innovative high points in the transition period of new and new drivers.

China is the world's largest consumer of electronic products. Chinese consumers have a high enthusiasm for new technologies and products, and Chinese Internet applications are extremely innovative...Everything has prepared good soil for China's consumer electronics industry, which is developing its own innovation.But, in front of the huge market cake, prone to caused by industry enthusiasm and disorderly competition situation, it's easy to have a market for short-term interests and long-term focused industry competitiveness of short-term behavior, also easy associated consumer information security issues, etc.We need to make overall plans, strengthening the supervision and guidance to the welfare of the people and the independent industry sustainable competitiveness as the goal, to strengthen financial cooperation, create a perfect, perfect ecological system of electronic information industry.

Looking ahead, the development of consumer electronics industry faces unprecedented opportunities."Innovation and development of intelligent hardware industry initiative (2016-2018), the wisdom health pension industry development action plan (2017-2020)", "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan" and so on policy planning on the development of the consumer electronics industry, such as intelligent terminal has important deployment.With the encouragement of various policies, the consumer electronics industry in China will usher in a brighter future with the joint efforts and efforts of the competent departments of the industry and the parties of the industry chain.