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Digital Silicon Box Jan 29, 2018

product manual:

1. Silicon box core device SCR chip imported from Germany, the original material, stable and reliable performance.

2. Good heat sink and forced air cooling combined with intelligent environmental control system.

3. Highly effective anti-jamming choke anti-interference ability is very strong, low noise, current rise time 220us-450us.

4. Each output 6kW, a total of 6, the starting loop settings, you can view the brightness of each road value.

5. DMX512 signal can be set to keep or not to maintain the working state. In the hold state, the dimmer DMX signal is interrupted, will keep the last field of data, no dark field.

6. 6-way knob dimming; each channel of the dimming curve can be set to linear or switch state, the switch value of 50%, switch state input brightness value greater than or equal to 50% corresponding to the loop full output, otherwise no output.

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