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Digital Black Technology Revealed In LED Display May 07, 2018

In recent years, LED displays have become more and more popular in the use of digital dance, and have even become an indispensable part of stage visual presentation. On the stage of the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Goat, the wonderful performance of the LED display on the stage undoubtedly attracted many viewers' interest in this "high-tech" equipment.

       The LED display used in the Spring Festival Gala and variety TV programs is collectively referred to as the digital dance US LED display (commonly known as the rental screen in the industry). To meet the requirements of different digital dance design, the digital dance uses the LED display and the traditional fixed The installation of LED displays (commonly known in the industry as engineering screens) has major differences in structure, related points, and system configuration. Just from the color point of view, digital dance beauty LED display contains a "black" technology.

   LED black light

       The concept of black surface-mount LED light (black light) is born in the application of digital dance LED display.

       The digital dance beauty uses the LED to demonstrate because the viewing distance is near, the time is long, therefore the brightness should not be too high, the color and the uniformity of the screen surface are especially important. Because the LED display is composed of dot matrix, the color of the LED lamp and the defects of the welding will affect the visual effect.

       In order to increase the contrast ratio of LED digital display and reduce the reflection of stage lighting, foreign LED display packaging plant CREE, NICHIA first developed a black light, the domestic LED display packaging plant Lanke Electronics will be the black light of the process to do Ultimately, we have developed a black light that provides the darkest grade in the market.

       The design concept of black light: The device adopts a full black body package design. The overall effect of the black PPA material and epoxy resin makes the front side of the lamp be entirely black, so as to better improve the contrast of the display screen; the surface of the device colloid adopts a matte surface. The design avoids the reflection of light caused by the mirror effect of the glue, thereby effectively reducing reflection interference and making the screen display more gentle and bright. Black SMD LED lights in kind shown in Figure 1.

       In order to improve the horizontal viewing angle of the digital choreography LED display and correct the left and right parallax of the display screen level, engineers of Lankee Electronics also adopted a “1”-shaped chip arrangement process to replace the early “product” arrangement in the black light package. Lanke black crystal 2121 packaging device, red, green, and blue three-color light body encapsulated in an epoxy resin structure, arranged in a linear, color mixing effect is very good.

       In addition to black light, there is a "black" technology in the digital dance LED display, that is, a black mask. Since the mask is located in front of the surface-mounted LED light, its structure will play an important role in the viewing angle of the entire display screen. For the same reason, it is the face of the entire LED display screen, and its color consistency is also very important. Therefore, many manufacturers apply the “fuel injection” process to increase the appearance consistency of the screen, and the color of the ink is also correct. The increase in the contrast of the display helps.

       After the LED module is treated with the black mask, the reflection of the screen can be reduced. When the spacing is smaller and the mask cannot be covered, the gaps should be filled with additives. At the same time, the black mask can increase the contrast of the screen, and the contrast of the screen after processing is increased by 5 times. The contrasts of the pixel pitches P1.6, 1.9, and 2.5 are ≥3200:1, 4000:1, and 5600:1, respectively.

       The application of the black mask not only can protect the LED luminous tube and the PCB circuit board, but also can prevent the anti-reflective and anti-interference, let the digital dance beauty LED display display more clear, the color more realistic.

It can be said that at present, our country is world-class in the number and scale of the use of LED display screens for digital dance. And these "black" technologies are undoubtedly providing richer performance means for these world-class stage designs.