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Description Of The Finishing Process Of Bubble Machine Nov 02, 2017

Foam finishing is the use of as much air as possible to replace the preparation of the water needed to prepare the solution, through the air, the finishing agent in water or other solution of the concentrated solution or suspension expansion into foam, and then forced foam spread to the surface of the processed fabric and penetrate into the interior of the fabric, In this way, the uniform distribution of chemical agents can be ensured under the condition of minimum moisture content.

The foam finishing technology is a kind of low liquid and high energy-saving dyeing and finishing technology, which is affected by the energy crisis in the late 1970s and developed rapidly abroad.Bubble Machine 

China has set off a wave of the climax of its research and development in the 1980s, and its related technical achievements have been applied by many printing and dyeing enterprises in China, the production and processing of a variety of fabrics nearly billion meters, product quality inspection after passing to the domestic and foreign markets. However, under the condition of equipment and technical level, this technology has not been developed and popularized.Bubble Machine

In recent years, with the increase of energy stress and environmental problems, people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. In the National energy conservation, consumption, emission reduction and other policies driven, the growing clamour for cleaner production, coupled with a sharp rise in raw material costs and increasing global competition, require that the market be won through improved and innovative processing technologies to reduce costs, but that the impact on the environment can be effectively reduced while reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.Bubble Machine

Foam processing technology has proved to be helpful to achieve the above-mentioned goal, and is applied to the printing and dyeing industry in many fields, to achieve the same with the conventional dyeing and finishing process, some aspects even more than the conventional process. Therefore, the foam dyeing and finishing process as a kind of energy-saving, water-saving new processing technology will be renewed by people's attention and favor.Bubble Machine