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Decorative Home Selection Of Different Lighting Oct 20, 2017

crystal Light

          At present, most of the crystal lamps on the market are made of imitation crystal, but the crystal used in different crystal materials, high quality crystal lamps are made of high-tech materials, and some shots of crystal lamps and even plastic as a crystal Of the material, light and shadow effect is naturally poor. Therefore, in the purchase must be carefully compared, carefully identified.


         Consumers are best to choose to install energy-saving light source chandelier. Do not choose a chandelier with an electroplated layer because the plating time is long and frivolous. Choose all-metal and glass and other materials inside and outside the same chandelier. Consumers do not choose too cheap chandeliers. At present, about 200 yuan chandeliers in order to have a certain quality assurance, 100 yuan the quality of the chandelier is generally poor.

        Ceiling lights

        There are two kinds of ballasts and ballasts in the ceiling lamp. The ballast has two kinds of inductive ballast and electronic ballast. Compared with the inductive ballast, the electronic ballast can improve the luminous efficiency of the lamp and the system, Can instantly start to extend the lamp life. At the same time, it is small temperature, no noise, small size, light weight, power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the inductive ballast, so consumers want to choose electronic ballast ceiling. Ceiling lamps with halogen powder and three primary colors of powder, three-color powder lamp color is good, high luminosity, light decay slow; halogen powder tube color is poor, low luminosity, light decay fast. Distinguish between the halogen powder and three-color powder lamp, can also light the two lights, the hands on the two tubes near, can be found in the halogen light tube light hand color white, distortion, three color powder light Skin qualities.

        Ceiling light with remote control and no remote control two, with remote control ceiling light switch is convenient, suitable for use in the bedroom. Ceiling lamp shade material is generally plastic, plexiglass, glass shade is now very little.

      floor lamp

     Floor lamp is generally placed on the corner of the sofa, floor lamp lighting soft, watching TV at night, the effect is very good. Floor lamp shade material variety, consumers can choose according to their own preferences. Many people like to use a small countertop floor lamp, because you can put a fixed phone on a small countertops.

wall lamp

     The market price of the higher wall lamp price of 80 yuan or so, the lower the price of the wall lamp in 30 yuan or so. Selection of the main wall to see the structure, shape, general mechanical molding of the cheaper, more expensive manual. Iron forging wall lamp, all the copper wall lamp, sheepskin wall lamp and so belong to the high-end wall lamp, which iron forging wall lamp sales the best. In addition, there is a band with a digital digital street lamp hanging lights, this wall lights have lighting, decorative role, but also for the calendar, very popular with consumers.

        table lamp

        Select the lamp mainly to see the quality of electronic accessories and production process, the general small manufacturers of electronic parts of the lamp quality is poor, the production process is low, so consumers want to choose large manufacturers of table lamps. General living room, bedroom, etc. with decorative table lamp, table, learning platform with energy-saving eye lamp, but energy-saving lamps can not dim.


        Downlight the main problem lies in the light on the mouth, and some no-name downlight lamp mouth is not high temperature, easy to deformation, resulting in light bulb does not come down. Now, all the lamps only through the 3C certification before sales, consumers should choose through the 3C certified downlight.


        Spotlights low pressure, high pressure two, consumers choose the best low-voltage spotlights, its long life, light efficiency higher. The luminous efficiency of the spotlight is characterized by the power factor, the greater the power factor is, the better the power factor of the ordinary spotlight is about 0.5, the price is high, the power factor of the high quality spotlight can reach 0.99, the price is slightly expensive.

        Bathroom lights

       Bathroom heating is as long as the light to the place to warm, and the size of the room is not, mainly depends on the Yuba skin feel temperature. Yuba has 2, 3 and 4 bulbs, and generally have a heated room to choose between 2 and 3 bulbs, no heating room for 4 light bulbs. Standard Yuba bulb is 275 watts, but low-quality light bulb heating rate is slow, and can not reach 275 watts of the specified temperature. Select Yuba, the consumer can stand 1 meter away from Yuba, open Yuba, feel Yuba heating speed and temperature, heating speed and high temperature is relatively better.

        Energy saving lamp

        Buy energy-saving lamps to ensure that the lighting market, to be preferred well-known brands, and confirm the integrity of the product packaging, signs complete. Outside the packaging is usually on the life of energy-saving lamps, color, the correct installation location to make a description. Energy-saving lamps and brine powder and three-color powder two, three-color powder than the comprehensive performance of the superior powder, and some businesses to halogen powder as a three-color toner to sell, to deceive consumers.