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Common Troubles And Treatment Methods Of Fog Machine Oct 24, 2017

According to the specifications of the machine assembly, and check the location of the correct parts, screw fastening, belt and pulley operation flexible, elastic, protective cover intact. According to the specifications specified in the specification to the crankcase to add lubricating oil to the specified level, after each use before the inspection, and in accordance with the provisions of the gasoline engine inspection and add lubricating oil.Fog Machine

Plunger pump Butter cup should be filled with butter at any time, each use two hours should be the butter cup downward rotation of 2 to 3 laps. Every day after the completion of the operation should be under pressure, with water to continue spraying 2-5 minutes, cleaning the pump and the pipeline residual liquid, to prevent internal residues of liquid corrosion of the body. Remove water suction strainer and spray hose, open the outlet switch, press the unloading handle, loosen the pressure handwheel, so that the pressure spring is in loose state, rotate the engine or pump with the hand, eliminate the pump memory water, and scrub the unit exterior dirt.Fog Machine Machine ignition Normal can not start: check whether the gasoline marking up to $number, check the filter cup and carburetor whether because of oily too dirty blockage or damage, if the blockage can be the carburetor adjustment screws, and then use the air pump to blow out impurities can be, if not, should be opened the carburetor for cleaning.Fog Machine 

If the filter cup or carburetor damage should replace the carburetor. The addition of low quality gasoline will not start if the combustion value is not reached. Petrol should be replaced. Check the gas road pipeline has no rupture and leakage, whether there is impurity blockage in the valve, if the return gas will be cleaned or replaced one-way valve. (The failure of the check valve can cause pressure in the medicine cabinet to reduce or no pressure, the solution can not be excluded).Fog Machine

Check whether the carburetor diaphragm damage, if damaged, should be replaced at this time, (diaphragm and backplane should be no gap). Check whether the nozzle has burned the part, the main reason for the burning is the empty machine working time too long, (empty machine working time can not exceed 2-3 minutes). If the above is not able to avoid flameout or boring, please adjust the carburetor oil circuit adjustment screws (tighten back 2.5-3.5 laps, backward rotation is to increase the supply of oil).Fog Machine