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China LED Lamp Technology Development Status And Problem Analysis Jun 07, 2016

  States to actively promote the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction projects, especially China's LED street lighting due to the ample business opportunities in the LED Streetlight manufacturer attention. Street lighting is an important part of urban lighting, traditional street lamps with high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure sodium lamp low the whole validity of disadvantage caused a huge waste of energy, therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy-saving, long life, colour index, environmental lighting is of great significance for urban lighting.

  Today's LED lamps feature:

Power LED Street and general high pressure sodium Street different of is, power LED street of light used low voltage DC power, and by GaN base power type Blu-ray LED and yellow phosphor synthesis of efficient white light diode, glow diode (Light Emitting Diode, shorthand for LED) is based on semiconductor PN knot formed of with weak of power on can glow of efficient solid light, in must of are to partial reset voltage and injected current Xia, Injection of p-holes and into the n-electron diffusion between active zone issued by radiative recombination photons, the electricity directly into light.