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Application Range Of Fog Machine Jun 28, 2017

        The fog-making principle is based on natural phenomena such as water vapor, clouds and fog. Allows you to generate such an environment anytime, anywhere. Water mist in the air can absorb a large amount of heat, by scientific statistics, every use of a kilograms of waters to stimulate the floating state of man-made fog, the effect is equal to dissolve seven kilograms of ice. Water from liquid to gaseous, so that the space temperature is increased, and to reduce the air temperature, the fog machine technology since the advent of its economic, efficient and convenient features, quickly in various industries have been widely used.Fog Machine.

        Landscape fog field: it can make you like the mountains, return to nature, such as into Wonderland, improve the humanities and natural landscape,The effect of landscaping is remarkable, the pen of the finishing touch. Landscape atomization can greatly increase the content of negative oxygen ions in the air, without mosquitoes and flies, greatly creating and improving human survival and living environment.

        Factory Enterprise: Smelting, forging and other high-temperature workshop used for cooling, dust removal, paper, textile and other plants used for humidification, dust removal, except static; chemical, wood workshop used to deodorant, anti-corrosion, gas stations, electronic computer room with it to humidification, except static and so on.

        Horticulture and fruit and vegetable fields: Tropical Botanical garden, Sunshine Ecological restaurant, greenhouse flowers, vegetable greenhouses, orchard Nursery, fungi and seedling culture, used to add humidity, cooling, spraying, fertilization, plant fertilizer, and can save one-third of the dose, the multiplier.

        Environmental disinfection field: Waste treatment site Sterilization Antivirus, open public places to drive mosquitoes and flies, outdoor explosion-proof dust removal, toilet deodorant, infectious disease prevention area disinfection.Fog Machine.

        The field of animal husbandry: to reduce the temperature significantly uniform, disinfection fast and comprehensive, insecticidal epidemic prevention efficiency and by the enterprise Welcome, save time, labor, save money.Fog Machine.