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Analysis On Efficiency And Heat Dissipation Problems Professional Lighting Control System Jun 07, 2016

  "Guangdong stage lighting networks" light is the life of television art. Lighting control system is safe and reliable, was run out to shape a strong guarantee of the objective world. Dimming systems for any professional, its power is great, a light bulb is 5kW 10kW, and performing thousands of bulbs available. This shows that the total power consumption of a dimming system is amazing. Therefore, dimming system efficiency and heat dissipation is very important, it is dimming system operation and the key to maintaining its reliability for a long time.

  Dimming device has gone through four generations: the first on behalf of resistive dimmers. Transformer type II lighting equipment. Third generation of electric magnetic amplifier type optical equipment. Fourth generation was the controllable silicon optical equipment. The first generation of the least efficient, fourth generation are the most efficient.

If dimming system is inefficient, its power consumption is considerable. Assuming that it is 96% (seems to have is a good number), when it comes to promoting a 6kW load, its power is:


Suppose a dimmer closet 60 6kW load, then, its total power up to:


Therefore, it is important to improve the efficiency of the lighting system.