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2016 Audio And Lighting Industry Independent Innovation Summit Soon To Open Jun 07, 2016

  The rise of brands, products and technologies. Once upon a time, "the Germany manufacturing" became synonymous with artisan spirit; " European and American brands "is full of scientific and technological strength. Today, the pursuit of quality and innovation, the pursuit of long-term development of the national brands are also used to physically prove that "made in China" is not necessarily "backward" and "Cottage", manufacturing innovation in China. Even if it is only focusing on one breakthrough in the field of innovation, is enough to make the product more reliable or convenient in use, products more in line with the demand of the Chinese market, enough to give direction to the healthy development of the national brand in China is a step forward. See around corners, it was one small step for many, many focused on segment of the enterprise, constitute a continuing progress of professional audio and lighting industry in China.

  Accordingly, this is not a slogan of independent innovation and nurture national brand needs our immediate action. HC acoustic Web hosting "2016 audio and lighting industry independent Innovation Forum" will be held on June 27 Grand, designed to build professional audio and lighting industry experts, associations, suppliers, buyers share exchange platform, advocating innovation, healthy development of the industry