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2010 Peari Computre Controller Dec 29, 2017

Brand KEZUN Feature Programmable

Name Pearl 2010 controller Main Body Material Plastic+Alloy

Display LCD digital display Product Size 735*595*150mm

Channel 2048CH Power Rating AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Type Manual Switch, Remote Control Application KTV Bar, Weddings, Performances



*DMX512/1990 standard DMX control channel 2048; 

*Four optically isolated individual drive signal output ports. Electric shocks can be anti-2000Vrms. Independent power supply independent signals;

*40 channels can control up to 240 computers and 240 dimming light; 

*320 × 240 large screen display and all operations and changes in output; 

*Software distribution channel;

*Can store 512 programs;

*There are different time adjustable knob. X / Y control the natural and smooth;

*Channel site can copy the list of items;

*Independent system lock function, prevent misuse; 

*Built-in world-famous light library easier to use;

*Curing a variety of special effects machine cast aside, the scene changes to effectively support effects.

*USB memory, can save the field data;

*Built-in high-performance green switching power supply, 90V-250V voltage range to adapt to meet the power requirements of countries around the world (custom); 

*Audio Input Connector: XLR-D3F × 2;

*Professional work lights, suitable for indoor and outdoor performances use;