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2000w City Light Dyeing Lights Jan 15, 2018

Voltage: AC220-240V 50Hz

Insurance: 20A

Total power: 2800W

Light bulb: HMI 2500W

Color temperature: 5600K

Suitable for the square, fountain, hotel location, architecture and other scenes of the city light, through the three primary colors + white

Steel color film and CMY blending out of the system, perfect to create a magnificent scene color. And perfect

Explosion-proof, leak-proof and user-friendly power access mode, it provides a very safe operation.

The bulb is available from 1200W, 1800W, 2500W and 1000WXQ, 2000WXQ, 3000WXQ

Overall dimensions: 700 × 610 × 760mm

Packing size: 830 × 650 × 840mm

Net weight: 75kg Gross weight: 89kg