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Where is the importance of stage lighting design? Apr 25, 2018

The stage lighting design starts from analyzing the physical properties of light, follows the principle of stage lighting design that combines technology and art, and elaborates the knowledge of equipment, optical position, lighting, expression techniques, and artistic effects. Then, where is the importance of stage lighting design reflected in the following? Let's talk with everyone from the Guangzhou stage lighting manufacturer KEZUN!

Lighting designer's stage lighting design is very important, the brilliant effect of lighting can give the audience a visual impact, in the production, regulation of the atmosphere on the scene, the stage lighting effects also have an irreplaceable role, stunning stage lighting design can stimulate the resonance of the scene, so that People can never forget that light is a gorgeous party dress and show, lack of lighting effects, the evening will lose the ornamental.

 Stage lighting project

Now the effect lamps are also varied, in addition to the traditional bobbin lamps, back lights, spotlights, there are moving head lights, LED par lights, beam lights, ballroom lights, etc., facing a wide range of lighting fixtures, stage lighting How can a designer reasonably use it to express an ideal lighting effect? The effect lighting design depends on the imagination of the designer. First of all, it is only possible to realize the effect if you think of the effect. If you can't think of it, of course, you don't need to talk about it.

The foundation of imagination is the understanding of music, because music is the basis and purpose of lighting effects design, that is, lighting effects are to better express the music atmosphere and express music concepts. Then we talk about how to use light to express and Make music.

 Stage lighting design

The mood of music is colored, such as warm and full of passionate music, so the lights are warm, red, yellow, etc., while the music of minor music can be light blue. This is well understood, that is, the synaesthesia of the arts, the expression of the same thing, the different art categories are only different in the way of expression, and the feeling of expression is the same. With the understanding and grasp of musical emotions, we can first determine the general tone of the light, what kind of music use the tone of the light color.

In a word, the design of the effect light should be based on music, aiming at rendering the music atmosphere. Therefore, stage lighting designers must have a deep understanding of the structure and content of music in order to design a satisfactory lighting effect.