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What should you pay attention to when buying a laser light? May 04, 2018

In past articles, Gosda has shared with you all about what issues should be paid attention to when purchasing laser light. I believe we all have a step-by-step understanding. Then, Gosda will continue to tell you about the purchase. What else should be noted about the laser light; in fact, in addition to the professional-level computer moving head lights, the stage lights also have stage lighting equipment laser lights that are never out of date and have magical charm. In many lighting groups to create a fantasy stage effect, whether it is a large indoor studio or an outdoor large square, laser lights can often create a magical fantasy atmosphere.

Stage lighting, lighting equipment

      Therefore, when purchasing laser light, we should pay attention to the following points:

      3, when you buy a laser light, you need to see the actual effect of voice control

      Many laser lights now have the function of “voice control”, and the stage lighting equipment “voice control” is actually a very simple volume-triggered laser playback stage function, and the effect is simple and monotonous. The “synchronized synthesis and playback of laser light music” synchronizes and synthesizes the laser light's stage effect data with the music's related rhythm data. Under such background music, the laser light is arranged in an orderly manner with the rhythm of the music. Synchronous playback, the stage effect is the usual "sound control" effect can not be compared.

Light equipment, laser light

      4、Whether the art of the animation of the laser light lighting equipment can achieve the stage lighting effect

      Many of the so-called text animation lasers currently on the market do not have a "broken pen" stage lighting effect, and the artistic character of the text animation is very poor. The so-called "broken pen" is when the text is placed, there should be no laser connection between the strokes of the same word or between the two characters. In general, low-grade laser lights do not have a "broken pen" stage lighting effect, and their text or animation distortion is great.

Stage lighting, laser light

      5, see whether the stage lighting equipment with "multiple laser pattern stunts"

      If a laser light or performance system has a “multiple-pattern stunt” function, then its effect can be more abundant. It can be simply said that such a single-head laser light can be used as a combination of two ordinary single-headed laser lights. Stage lighting effects.

Stage lighting, lighting equipment

      As mentioned above, it is the products that Gosda has shared for everyone. It is necessary to pay attention to any problems when buying laser lights. Because the content is too strong, we must tell you separately. If you want to understand or purchase quality laser lights and stage lighting, The device can contact us or follow the information we post.