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What is a laser show? Apr 12, 2018

Laser show: It uses laser to produce some visual effects to confuse the audience. The most common is to project various colors of laser guns into the air, accompanied by bombs, and use the vibrating muzzle to let the light beam bombard in the air. In general, lasers do not point to the viewer to avoid causing eye damage to the viewer. Although the laser travels in a straight line, people can see the light beam on the side due to the scattering of light by the air. In order to enhance the effect, man-made smoke or water curtains are often used. Laser shows and fireworks work together better, because the fireworks in addition to their own colorful, but also to the laser smoke. The

       The laser show must be seen on the scene, not only to pursue an immersive feeling, but also because the color of the laser cannot be reproduced on a normal TV computer. The spectral purity of the laser is high in terms of chroma or saturation in terms of chromatic terms. Outside of the color gamut of a typical display device, only laser television or projection can be reproduced.

       Shenzhen Yachiton laser light has the advantages of bright colors, high brightness, good directivity, long range, and easy control. It looks more magical and fantastic. Applied in buildings, parks, plazas, fountains, etc., the use of non-divergence of the laser beam can attract people's attention as far as a few kilometers away, so the laser emission point has become the focus of attention. The laser light is installed in bars, theaters and nightclubs. It emits a certain amount of smoke and shoots the laser beam toward the smoke. It can also form text, patterns, and animations. You can also play a fierce laser show with your music, bright colors and intoxicating stay.

       The laser light integrates the sound and light into the laser's rich colors, as well as the variety of shapes and the speed of change of the pattern, so that any light design cannot be compared. Laser with multi-dimensional graphics, combined with the interaction of actors, can make the show achieve magical results.